Are you looking for Moshi Monsters cheats on how to get more Rox for your account or how to get certain moshlings within the game?! This page will basically link you to whatever in game cheats you are looking for!

Moshi Monsters Secret Code Cheats

There are secret codes within Moshi Monsters that give you different items, rare moshlings, or even huge amounts of Rox. We have a page that will list all of these Moshi Monster codes and on a monthly basis we will supply the new codes to you on our site! When plugging these cheat codes in, you can get more than 20,000 Rox!

Moshi Monsters Mission Cheats

Are you looking for some cheats on how to complete the Super Moshi Missions? You are in luck because you can find all of the walkthrough guides here. Each of these walkthrough guides will include written instruction on how to complete the mission you are on as well as a video cheat guide showing you exactly what to do!

Other Moshi Monsters Cheats

Missions and codes are probably the most popular things within the Moshi Monsters game. However, there are a ton of other things you can do and find that make the game a lot more fun. Some of these things include Moshi Kart, keeping your monster happy by purchasing food or beverages for it, getting different moshlings including Oddie which is an ultra rare moshling, and a ton of other stuff! Below you will find cheats on some of these things!

How to Level Up Your Monster Fast
How to Get Rox Fast

All of the tips on how to get these things will be included on either this page or another page that we put up specifically for that cheat! All you will need to do is keep coming back for the latest updates regarding what is going on in Moshi Monsters.