How To Get Rox on Moshi Monsters

Are you looking to get a ton of Rox on your Moshi Monster account really fast?! On this page you will find a punch of Moshi Monster Rox cheats that will help you do just that.


What are Rox?

Within Moshi Monsters, Rox are basically the money or currency used to purchase things! The amount of Rox you have in your account is always shown in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. To spend your Rox, simply go to Main Street by using your map and then just go to one of the multiple shops here to purchase different items! All items will appear in your inventory chest after you purchase them.

So how exactly do you get more rox for your Moshi Monsters account? Well there are a ton of different ways to do this. The biggest thing is to get a membership first. By getting a membership, you get twice as many Rox for the things you do within the game than if you are not a member! This does not include entering codes. It does however include completing the daily challenge and even playing the different mini games and puzzles.

Moshi Monsters Rox Cheats

The largest amounts of Rox that you can get are always going to be from entering codes. On that link, you will find a ton of codes for Rox that almost add up to 15,000! Once you have entered all of the codes you can find, the next best way to get Rox is to complete the daily challenge everyday and play the mini games and puzzles throughout the game. As a reward for completing the Moshi Monsters puzzles and playing the mini games you will usually always get XP and Rox!

A good rule of thumb is the more you play Moshi Monsters, the more Rox you will get in your account. If you have other ways of getting Rox fast, please share and we will add to this page!