Moshi Monsters Level Up Fast Cheats

Are you looking to level up your Moshi Monster a bit faster? Here are some cheats and tips on how to do that!

The Easiest Way to Level Up Your Monster

The easiest thing you can do to level up your monster is to log on to your account every day and play the daily challenge! This challenge is simply one puzzle after another in which you have to select the right answer. The more you get right the more xp you should receive. If you are having trouble with the daily challenge on a regular basis, go ahead and play the puzzles during your free time to get used to them!

Other Ways to Level Up Your Monster Fast

You can also level up your monster a bit faster by feeding your moshlings their favorite food and by playing their favorite games! You should be able to see what these favorites are for each moshling by clicking on the food factory button in your room! When you get into the food factory, there will be icons above your moshlings. Click on one of the icons and you will be brought to the machine affiliate with that icon! Make what ever it is they want and then feed it to them! You will not only gain xp but you will also gain stars!

Moshi Monster Level Up Fast Cheats

You can also play the puzzles and plant seeds to get more xp for your monster. Keep in mind that xp is what levels you up so the more xp you get the faster your monster will level up! There are a ton of different puzzles to play which you can find by going to your room and clicking on the puzzles button on the left! Some of these puzzles include Bubble Trouble, Word Cross, Flag Frenzy and Math Mash. You also get Rox for completing these puzzles so it is really the best of both worlds!

Level Up Cheats Moshi Monster

One last thing I want to mention to level up your Moshi Monster fast is to tickle it every day that you log on! By tickling the monster, he/she will laugh and gain happiness points!

Hint or Cheat: If your happiness and health meters are too low you will not be able to level your monster up. Make sure that you are always feeding your monster and playing it’s favorite games to avoid this!