What are Moshi Missions?

Missions in Moshi Monsters are simply little adventures for you to go on and collect rewards. Throughout these missions, you and your monster will need to collect clues and solve puzzles to save Monstro City.

In Moshi Monsters there are two different mission types that users can play. The first is called the Super Moshi Missions which are the main missions. There are three seasons of these with 10 missions in the first two seasons and 6 in the last season.

The second type of missions in Moshi Monsters are called mini missions. Mini missions are simply random missions that Moshi Monster launched where you can get multiple moshlings as rewards! There are 5 mini missions as far as I know.


Who can Play Moshi Missions?

Everyone that has an account on Moshi Monsters can play the very first mission which is called “Missing Moshling Egg”. However, only members can play missions after that! To get a membership you can either win one on our site or purchase one here!

Where can I Find the Moshi Monsters Missions?

All of the Moshi Monsters mission seasons are located in a different area within Monstro City. The first season of Super Moshi Missions are given to you by the Elder Furi in the Super Moshi Head Quarters. The HQ can be found in the Volcano.

The second season which includes 10 Super Moshi Missions, is given to you by Captain Squirk in the Unknown Zone. The Unknown Zone is located on Music Island.

The final and third season of missions can be played by clicking the “Super Moshi” button which is located in your room!

Super Moshi Mission Walkthroughs

As we at Moshi Monster Guru complete all of these missions, we will be completing written walkthrough guides as well as video tutorials for you to follow! We want to make sure that you do not get lost on your mission to save Monstro City! You can find all of those Super Moshi Mission walkthroughs right here on this page!

Season 1 Walkthrough Guides

Mission 1: Missing Moshling Egg
Mission 2: Voyage Under Potion Ocean