Missing Moshling Egg Cheats Guide

Looking for a written walkthrough of Moshi Monsters Season 1: Mission 1: Missing Moshling Egg? Take a look below!

Season 1: Mission 1 Written Walkthrough Cheats Guide

When you first start the mission in the headquarters, the first thing you need to do is pick up the epic on the ground. Once you do this, you will then be sent to the incubation station where you will speak with Buster Bumblechops about a thief who has stolen is moshling egg.

In the Incubation Station you will have to give Buster a few clues before you can move onto the next part of the Mission! To start, go ahead and click on the piece of thread that is stuck in the broken window on the left. Give it to Buster.

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Once he has that, go ahead and grab the rock just behind where your monster is floating or standing. Now give that to Buster as well.

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Now click on the magnifying glass on the right hand side of the screen on top of the little green cabinet. Give it to Buster and he will take a look at the footprints on the ground.

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You can also click on that little green cabinet that the magnifying glass was on top of and you will find another Epic. Go ahead and do that!

Once you have the second Epic, you should see a set of keys stuck in the lock on the door behind buster. Click on them to collect them. Now use them to open the green cabinet on the left of buster. You will find a spare cog. Use the spare cog to allow the pulley on the right to work!

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Once the thing from the ceiling lowers, click the off switch so that the lamp does not burn you.

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Once the lamp is off, click on the glowing stick and give it to Buster!

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That should be it for the clues. We will now be sent to the Wobbly Woods for the next part of the Missing Moshling Egg Mission!

Once we get to the Wobbly Woods, head all the way to the right and talk to Tree Beard. On the way there, you should find the third and final Epic of this mission! You should also find some books laying on the ground. Pick those up as well!

Tree Beard will tell you what you want to know for a drink of water. To get him some water, go back to your left collection all three colors of berries you see. You should find some blue berries, red berries, and yellow berries. Once you have these, go to the Shrewman (hiding in a tree) and place the books in the bucket on the left. Then place the blue berries and the yellow berries on the stump just to the right. Shrewman will raise the books and lower the empty bucket for you to use.


Once you have the bucket, bring it to your left and fill it up in the pond. Once it is filled, bring that bucket back to Tree Beard. He will then give you a clue as to where you can find your thief. You will now be taken deep into the woods to a secret hideout.

The first thing you are going to want to do here is click on the little skull which will prompt a mini game to get a key to the door. Simply move the little bugs around and slide the key out before time runs out!

Moshi Monsters Season 1 Mission 1 Walkthrough

Once you have the key, go ahead and open the door and enter the secret hideout. After you have entered the secret hideout, there are a bunch of things we need to pick up in order to make a potion to shrink the Moshling Egg and take it out of the cage! You will need the following:

  • The tickling feather sitting on top of the shelf holding the book.
  • Bottle of Troll Snot which is the bottle with green liquid in it.
  • Batty Bat Droppings which will drop after clicking on the bat hanging from the ceiling.
  • A Moldy Mushroom which is on the ground right next to the door.
  • The log that is sitting behind the fireplace.
  • The candle which is sitting right by where the feather was.
  • The cauldron which is right behind the Bottle of Troll Snot.
  • The empty bottle which is also right be the Bottle of Troll Snot.

Once you have everything, go ahead and put the log in the fireplace as well as the candle. This will start the fire!

Missing Moshling Egg Guide

Now, place the cauldron on top of the fireplace. From here, place in the feather, then the Troll Snot, then Bat Droppings. Next will be the mushroom and finally the Blue Berries from which you had before.

Your potion will now ber created! Take your empty bottle and scope some of the potion up and then use it on the Moshling Egg. The egg will now be small enough to take out of the cage!

That is it for Season 1: MIssion 1: Missing Moshling Egg Super Mission! You will not receive a new Moshling called Baby Rox.

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You will also get 500 Rox if this was your first time completing the mission!

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I hope this walkthrough guide of the very first Super Mission helped you!