Voyage Under Potion Ocean Cheats Guide

Looking for a written walkthrough of Moshi Monsters Season 1: Mission 2: Voyage Under Potion Ocean? Take a look below!

Season 1: Mission 2 Written Walkthrough Cheats Guide

When you start this mission you will find yourself on a beach. Before we go anywhere else, we need to grab a few things on the beach. The items are below!

  • An Oar to paddle the boat we are going to use to get to the big pirate ship.
  • A Spanner which is a wrench we are going to use to fix a submarine.
  • A Blue Shell that we will trade for a kettle.

Once we have all of these items, place the oar on the little wooden boat and then click on the boar. You will now be taken to the pirate ship to talk to the captain of the ship. You will ask him to help you stop Strangeglove and he will say yes but you have to help him do a few things on the ship first!

These two things are kinf of like mini games. The first is just cleaning the poop deck! All you have to do is scrub the deck by moving your mouse back and forth to beat this mini game!

Cheat or Hint: Try hitting multiple spots at once with the brush and it should go by a bit quicker!

The second mini game is just removing the barnacles from the ship so we can move. To do this, wait for the boxing glove thing to be pointing at a barnacle and then click on the mouse. Do this until they are all gone.

Now it is time to find a compass for the captain so that we do not get lost on our voyage. To do this, go to the beach and dig up the little sand castles you see with the shovel in your inventory. One of them will be hiding the compass we are looking for!

Once we have the compass, go back to the ship and talk to the captain. Next, click on the globe and go to the strange goo by clicking on your shipping and moving your mouse towards that area on the map. Now it is time to get the submarine working so that we can dive down into the strange goo to find Strangeglove. To do this, follow the steps below!

  • First go to Tiny Tiki Tropic and give the blue shell to the crab for the bucket he is using instead!
  • Second go to Mini Mount Char Char and fill that bucket up with lava.
  • Third go to Pico Pop Glacier and melt the ice that is holding the propeller with the lava.
  • Fourth go back to the beach and put the propeller on the ship and use the spanner to tighten the bolts!

Now that the submarine works, click on it and we can make our way to the strange goo.

Hint or Cheat: When driving the submarine, use the space bar to shoot your sonar which will move the mines and glumps out of your way!

Once we get to Strangeglove and his weird machine, he will flea. After he does this, place the spanner on the machine and then click on the glumping speed button a few times! This will over heat the machine and then you will find a Moshling!

Mission 2 Season 1 Moshi Monsters Cheats

That is it for the Season 1: Mission 2 Moshi Monsters walkthrough! I hope you enjoyed Voyage Under Potion Ocean as much as I did!