Welcome to Moshi Monsters Guru!

Hey everyone! Moshi Monsters Guru is a fan website of Moshi Monsters, the very popular online kids game.

At Moshi Monsters Guru you can expect to see updates on all of the latest game codes, any cheats and tips for the game including how to maximize your Rox collection and how to get through the missions as well as Free Membership giveaways.

Moshi Monsters Codes

As you know, Moshi Monsters codes get you a ton of stuff within the game which includes various items and even different amounts of Rox. We will always be updating our site so that you have the latest secret codes. You can expect these updates on a monthly basis around the 1st of the month or when we get access to the secret codes!

Moshi Monsters Cheats

When we talk about cheats on the website we are simply referring to any tips or help that we can and will give you! Cheats is a generic term that we just like to use. If you are looking for specific cheats, please look above in the menu as everything you are looking for should be in one of the drop down menus!

Moshi Monsters Free Membership Giveaways

At Moshi Monsters Guru we have decided to have free membership giveaways on a regular basis for our followers and fans! We will always let our followers know before we do this so that they can opt in to win that free membership. To increase your chances, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

These giveaways will usually be once a month on the 1st of the month or they will be every two months! It all depends on how interactive our fans are being on our site and various social media platforms.

So that is about it! I want to welcome you to our new website for Moshi Monsters fans and I hope that you will always find what you are looking for.

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